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The PIT is the first game of its kind, and will provide a competitive environment for wagering NFTs against each other through simulated battle.

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The latent dark desires and degeneracy of the NFT community have coalesced in the NFT-verse to form THE PIT. Here, the ancient KODOKU curse has ensnared the wretched souls of former humans to be PITTED against each other in endless combat.

The doomed PIT CREATURES are condemned to captivity in a dystopian Neo-Colosseum that floats aimlessly through the void, atop a flat world - much to the dismay of all spherecucks.

The NFT-verse’s lust for chaos, blood and of course cuteness has finally found itself an oasis.

THE PIT beckons.

How It Works

Get your NFT

Acquire your exclusive PIT Creature by entering a raffle directly through our website. If you have no luck in the initial mint you will be able to purchase a Creature on


Once you have obtained your NFT Creature, enter the main arena and engage in battle against other NFT owners.

Win Rewards

With blood comes glory! If victorious in THE PIT, your Creature will not only grow in fame but also win you prizes ranging from merchandise to cryptocurrency.

PIT Creatures

Subject to the violent whims of the PIT MASTERS, and preyed upon by the collective caprices of the degenerate higher powers-that-be, these twisted spirits are doomed to PITIABLE torment until the end of time.

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For more information on the below, join our Discord and keep an eye out for our upcoming whitepaper.

01. Launch

The Launch Phase will see the first 5,000 Creatures released into THE PIT. There are four distinct Species of PIT Creature (Avian, Insectoid, Serpent and Canine) - 1,250 unique NFTs in each.

Intraspecies combat will determine THE PIT Champion for each Species before a free-for-all (FFA) contest between the top four Species Champions to decide the “Unified PIT Champion”. Champions and top ranked Creatures at each level stand to win prizes of increasing value.

The worst performing NFTs will face public execution and humiliation in the form of relegation to THE CESSPIT - however all hope is not lost...

PIT contests will be cast via a public Twitch livestream. The community can participate through the official Discord and have the chance to win PIT merchandise and other exclusive prizes.

02. Expansion

THE PIT will expand on the existing model with the addition of new game formats, including Race and Challenge modes. The latter will enable direct Player vs. Player (PvP) combat for pride, honour and ETH. In addition, NFT holders can initiate off-stream, private games where they set their own prize pools - you could even wager your NFT itself!

Each Species will be updated with unique skills and additional base stats (speed, strength, stamina, etc). These new characteristics will mean that some Creatures might be stronger in one arena but hindered in another. Introducing this diversity amongst the Creatures will promote roster building and development in order to maximize success across the various game modes.

03. Second Mint & Summoning

THE PIT will grow in population and diversity with the mint of new types of NFTs within each Species.

Existing NFT holders will be able to enter a raffle to win Summoning Scrolls that allow them to initiate a ritual to summon new souls to THE PIT. The greater the rarity of the summoning NFT, the greater the corresponding rarity the summoned Creature is likely to be.

04. Wagering & Neolysium

Both NFT holders and spectators will be able to make P2P wagers on the outcome of all game modes.

PIT Creatures that prove themselves in battle will ascend to the fabled Neolysium. Here they will have special access to an exclusive VIP lounge, with other special features to be revealed.

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In creating THE PIT, we at Kodoku Studios wish to give impetus to a community driven project that will provide a safe platform for “play-to-win” NFT gaming. THE PIT is a reflection of our core ethos: transparency and integrity take an absolute precedence and therefore THE PIT is entirely open-source.

Understanding that the community will be the backbone of this project, players will be rewarded not only for taking part in PITTED engagements but also for being active members of the community. Rewards can range from PIT merchandise to access to pre-releases and updates.

The administrative team at Kodoku wishes to be interactive and reachable - you can expect to see our developers not only fronting but also participating in community events.

Our sincere hope is to light up the future of NFTs and bring the technology to life.

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Our Team

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