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The PIT is the first game of its kind, and will provide a competitive environment for wagering NFTs against each other through simulated battle.

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The Kodoku curse ensnares the wretched souls of former humans and twists them into beastly form.

Avians, Hounds, Insectoids and Serpents are immortalised as NFTs and PITTED against each other in eternal combat.

These PIT Creatures are forced to fight for both glory and survival in THE PIT - an infernal Neo-Colosseum floating through the empty and endless void.

This is NFT Warfare.Survival is not guaranteed.

How It Works


Acquire your exclusive PIT Creature by entering a raffle through our website or get it on


Once you have obtained your NFT Creature, enter the main arena and engage in battle against other NFT owners.


Your Creature will not only gain fame but also win you prizes ranging from merchandise to cryptocurrency.


Subject to the violent whims of the PIT MASTERS, and preyed upon by the collective caprices of the degenerate higher powers-that-be, these twisted spirits are doomed to PITIABLE torment until the end of time.

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THE PIT is a community driven project that aims to reward its players for participation. We aspire to stand as pioneers in the NFT gaming space and innovate blockchain technologies in new and exciting ways.

PIT contests will be cast via a public Twitch livestream. For more information on the below, join our Discord and keep an eye out for our upcoming whitepaper.

01. Alpha Phase

The Alpha Phase will see the first 800 Genesis Collector’s Edition Creatures released into THE PIT. There are four distinct Species of PIT Creature (Avian, Insectoid, Serpent and Hound).

Champions and top ranked creatures at each level stand to win prizes of increasing value. We begin marketing with our proof of concept to host tournament events to showcase our open web3 approach to providing utility to JPEGs including from other projects as an entertainment hub.

02. Launch

The Launch Phase will see a limited number of Gen0 Creatures released into THE PIT coinciding with our L2 migration. Owners of our Collector’s Edition will receive an additional like-for-like stat and tiered NFT with updated art.

The NFT art will allow the development of the in-game sprites, being represented directly on-chain including showing equipped items.

Different battle modes, including Training camp (free to play demo mode) and Arena, where you can compete for prizes in $PIT, as well as Season and Main tournaments will wait for you in THE PIT.

03. Expansion

THE PIT will expand with the addition of new game formats, including Race and Rarity tiers modes, Species unique skills and parameters updates.

We will release an in-game marketplace, leaderboard, spectator box, as well as add spectacularity to our battles due to the new battle interface. NFT holders can initiate off-stream, private games where they set their own prize pools!

04. Further Mints & Summoning (breeding)

THE PIT will grow in population and diversity with the mint of new types of NFTs. We plan to introduce new Species, as well as enable partnered NFTs to compete for prizes and honour in THE PIT. Summoning new souls to THE PIT will be made possible with Summoning Scrolls.

05. You Decide

Decide the fate of your PIT Creature in exciting P2P tournaments where the winner ascends to the fabled Neolysium, an exclusive VIP lounge filled with exciting features, soon to be revealed. NFT Holders and spectators will have the ability to make wagers on the outcome of all game modes and stand to win huge prizes. This is only the beginning, THE PIT can only deepen!

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We wish to provide a safe platform for “play-to-win” NFT gaming. THE PIT is a reflection of our core ethos: transparency and integrity therefore THE PIT is entirely open-source.

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